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New government consultation on three parent embryos asks the wrong questions

The Department of Health today has published for consultation draft regulations to allow mitochondrial donation to prevent the transmission of serious mitochondrial disease from mother to child. The consultation will close on 21 May. This new government consultation is not asking whether but how these […]

British government hesitates on three parent embryos as international opposition mounts

The legalisation of three parent embryos for mitochondrial disease in Britain has been facing massive opposition all over the world with so far little response from Westminster. But an answer to a parliamentary question this week gives the first sign that the government may be […]

Is creating three-parent embryos as minimal as changing the batteries in a camera?

Last year, Sir Mark Walport, head of the Wellcome Trust claimed that the impact of manipulating someone’s mitochondrial DNA would be as minimal as ‘changing the batteries in a camera’. Is he right? Is there nothing substantial to worry about with this new technique, which […]

Engineering our way to a Eugenic Future

You may consider the following headline from a leading US newspaper blog last week to be rather extreme:  ‘The British Embryo Authority and the Chamber of Eugenics’ But when it is followed a week later by a news report in a British newspaper saying: ‘Lord Robert Winston warning over […]

Three reasons why CMF opposes creating three parent embryos

The news is full of debates today about whether or not new research techniques should be used to create children who do not have mitochondrial disease. New research, known as mitochondria replacement, could enable women to avoid passing debilitating and sometimes fatal mitochondrial diseases on […]

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