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Mitochondrial manipulated births: a muted reception

For a prospect anticipated for almost 20 years, the announcement in a Guardian exclusive of the successful birth of one or more babies from one or other technique of what is usually termed mitochondrial donation therapy (MDT) had a more muted reception the following day […]

Mitochondrial Donation Down Under

‘Maeve’s Law has just passed the Senate 37-17 and will now become law. It is globally leading mitochondrial legislation to give hope to families across Australia’ tweeted Greg Hunt, an Australian MP on March 30th 2022. He was one of the prime movers behind the […]

Thirteen ‘solutions’ to mitochondrial disease assessed

Mitochondrial disorders are passed on through a mother’s mitochondrial DNA. They are progressive and can be very disabling but are thankfully relatively rare. They can cause stillbirth, death in babies and children, or may onset with severe effects in adulthood, such as blindness or heart […]

New DNA editing technique for mitochondrial disease may render three parent embryos redundant

A new technique for removing harmful genes from strands of DNA could potentially obviate the need for three parent embryos for preventing mitochondrial disease. Researchers from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, have reported success for the first time in using […]

UK decision to trial three parent embryos for mitochondrial disease ‘both premature and ill-conceived’

Christian Medical Fellowship has recently published a paper on ‘three parent embryos for mitochondrial disease’ which was strongly critical of this new technology on both theological and scientific grounds. This followed submissions that we made on the issue to both the Human Fertilisation and Embryology […]

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