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Archbishop of Wales right to raise organ donor concerns

  The Archbishop of Wales has been accused of being ‘unChristian’ for daring to criticise the Welsh government’s intention to bring in presumed consent for organ donation. The Welsh Government has repeatedly stated it wants to bring in legislation to introduce a so-called ‘soft opt-out’ […]

BMA rejects request to reconsider its position on presumed consent for organ donation – bad decision!

The British Medical Association today (Tuesday 28 June) rejected a motion calling it to reconsider its position on presumed consent for organ donation. This has happened just as the Welsh Assembly has announced it is introducing a bill to legalise presumed consent. The BMA supports […]

Welsh teenagers to get morning-after pill over the counter – a plan that’ll backfire

I recently blogged on the fact, surprising to some, that morning-after pills don’t actually cut teen pregnancy rates and instead increase the incidence of sexually transmitted infections. This morning we learnt that so-called ‘emergency contraception’ can now be obtained without charge from pharmacies across Wales, […]