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Global Health – challenges for the coming year

2016 may have got a bad press in some parts of the media, but step back from the Anglophone world and the obsession with celebrity deaths and political upheavals in the West, and you get a different picture.  The last year has seen many developments […]


Britain’s growing elderly population – a massive challenge

The UK is ‘woefully under-prepared for the social and economic challenges presented by an ageing society, a House of Lords committee has warned this week. The committee predicts ‘a series of crises’ in public service provision and says that big changes in pensions, health care […]


Peter Singer backs abortion for curbing population growth

Peter Singer is an Australian moral philosopher and currently Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University. He is former editor of the Bioethics journal and one of the most influential thinkers in bioethics today. Singer espouses utilitarianism, a system of ethics that seeks to minimize suffering […]


The demographic time bomb is most marked in Japan

The demographic time bomb – whereby the elderly population assumes a greater and greater proportion of the total population – is no more marked than in Japan. Falling birth rates (as a result of abortion, contraception and delaying childbirth) and increasing longevity as a result […]

Seven billion – BBC brings some welcome balance to the population debate

  According to the BBC, when I was born, I was the 2,909,761,661st person alive on Earth and the 76,445,556,695th person to have lived since history began. You can calculate your own number on line and if you put in today’s date you will learn […]