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Limited consent for presumed consent legislation

Controversial Welsh plans to introduce new legislation on organ donation have moved nearer by another small step.  Following the Welsh Assembly public consultation on ‘presumed consent’ to organ donation on death (more on the terminology used later in this blog) at the beginning of this year, […]


Controversial proposals from the BMA on organ donation

A raft of proposals have been put forward this week by the BMA to increase the number of organs for transplant, including a controversial suggestion to keep dying patients alive solely to harvest their organs, a process known as ‘elective ventilation’. The BMA report admits […]


Welsh plans to increase organ donation: costly waste of time and money

Not only are radical plans to introduce new legislations to increase organ donation on death in Wales going to cost millions of pounds, and be highly complicated to administer, they are also ‘ethically tricky,’ new research published in the journal Transplantation this month confirms. The […]


Opt in or opt out for organ donation? Pressure grows for change

There have been growing demands this week for the introduction of a system of organ donation across the UK in which everyone is automatically placed on the organ donor register.  This would mean that, unless people specifically opted out, hospitals would be allowed to use […]

Archbishop of Wales right to raise organ donor concerns

  The Archbishop of Wales has been accused of being ‘unChristian’ for daring to criticise the Welsh government’s intention to bring in presumed consent for organ donation. The Welsh Government has repeatedly stated it wants to bring in legislation to introduce a so-called ‘soft opt-out’ […]