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Bullying and NHS Culture

It seems hard to credit that an organisation whose primary focus is the care of the sick, disabled and the vulnerable should have an appalling reputation for bullying and intimidation of staff.  However in survey after survey of NHS staff at least one quarter and […]


Social Care Crisis: time for a modern ‘reformation of manners’

It seems that the world has made some broad progress on health in the last fifteen years, according to a new index that The Lancet has published.  This SDG Heath Index promises to increase the level of detail and consistency in how data is collected […]


‘Dear Mr Hunt, listen to the real experts…’

It is not only junior doctors who are trying to get their voices heard by Jeremy Hunt. One young lady last week made an impassioned plea directly to the health minister, on an issue that is arguably more about life and death than is the […]


Student bursaries for nurses and midwives: should they be scrapped?

Protests and petitions about the government’s proposal to scrap bursaries for student nurses and midwives from 2017 should surprise no one. Let’s look at some of the issues: Who is ‘For’ this Proposal and Why? UK university faculties in nursing and midwifery have actively been pushing the […]

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Debate: To strike or not to strike? (Part 1)

Junior doctor members of the BMA are voting on industrial action over the new contract proposed by the government. Needless to say there is a range of opinion among CMF members on the subject. So we asked two of our members to help us by […]