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Let’s invest more in relationships

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. The Mental Health Foundation are focusing this year on the need for relationships to help improve mental health. They tell us that we urgently need a greater focus on the quality of our relationships, to prevent and help […]


A great video on depression and an insight from one of the world’s greatest preachers who suffered from it

‘The Black Dog’ was Winston Churchill’s famous name for depressed mood. I was sent today a link to a YouTube video on depression which I had not previously seen, but which deserves much wider viewing. ‘I had a black dog, his name was depression’ is […]


Eight facts most people don’t know about the physical and psychological consequences of abortion for women

Contrary to popular opinion abortion hurts women. is an evidence-based Elliot Institute campaign to raise awareness about unwanted abortions, post-abortion issues and maternal deaths and to provide help, hope and healing. The US-based Elliot Institute  publishes research and educational materials and works as an advocate for […]


Does abortion reduce mental health risks for women? The very latest research

Assessing the effect of abortion on women’s mental health is complex, controversial and findings are frequently conflicting. Yet it is essential to do so, as nearly 200,000 abortions are carried out in Britain each year, thus even minor effects on a few women will affect […]


Self-help books for depression – brilliant new tools for doctors, pastors and patients

A top health story on the BBC this last week has highlighted a new study showing that prescribing self-help books on the NHS is an effective treatment for depression. Patients offered books, plus sessions guiding them in how to use them, had lower levels of depression a […]