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Same sex parenting vs heterosexual parenting: research revisited

A controversial study on gay parenting published this summer generated such an outcry of protest on its findings and ad hominen attacks on the author, that it led, among other things, to an official investigation into the ethics of the study and possible scientific misconduct […]


Do Christians divorce at lower or higher rates than others?

It is widely assumed that Christians divorce at roughly the same rate as non-Christians. This ‘fact’ is generally quoted within the context of arguing that faith makes little real and practical difference to the lives of believers. Here is what Wikipedia says: ‘Secular and religious […]


Same-sex parenting: controversies with the latest research

A major new study on same sex parenting has generated a great deal of online debate, particularly in the US where it was carried out, but it has also spilled over to the UK. Some of the headlines suggest that this new research ‘proves’ that […]


Ten reasons not to legalise same-sex marriage in Britain

Britain is coming under increasing pressure to legalise same-sex marriage and Prime Minister David Cameron is determined to drive it through. A consultation on same-sex marriage closed in Scotland in December 2011 and a new consultation is being launched next month in Westminster to consider […]


Marriage – let’s be clear on the biblical and legal definitions – and fight to retain them

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, is quoted in the Telegraph today as saying that marriage is still the bedrock of society which promotes love, care and forgiveness in relationships. Last week, the same paper reported that a senior High Court judge, Sir Paul […]