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3.8 million human embryos created to produce 122,000 live births – success rate of 3.2%

3.8 million human embryos created to produce 122,000 live births – success rate of 3.2% The Daily Telegraph this weekend reports on a new expert study which has raised fears that some clinics may be offering techniques that put the embryo at risk for their […]


Infertility treatments: new research and new warnings

A new study has found that a common form of infertility treatment increases the risk of children developing autism and mental disabilities in later life. Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) involves injecting one sperm directly through the shell of an egg and depositing it inside.  It […]

Artificial insemination

Three-parent embryos for mitochondrial disease? Twelve reasons for caution

The media is buzzing today with the news that Britain is planning to become the first country in the world to offer controversial ‘three-parent’ fertility treatments to families who want to avoid passing on mitochondrial diseases to their children (See Guardian, Times(£), Independent, Daily Mail and Telegraph). The Department of Health […]


Time lapse imaging of embryos – exciting breakthrough or just eugenics by another name?

Various media outlets (including The Times (£), The Telegraph, BBC, The Independent and The Guardian) have published articles reporting on how fertility specialists from Nottingham have developed a radical technique that will ‘dramatically improve’ the chances of IVF couples having a baby. The original research appears in Reproductive BioMedicine Online. About one in […]


Response to Daily Mail article reveals frightening attitudes to disability

There is an article in the Daily Mail today reporting on the incidence of abortion for Down’s syndrome in IVF pregnancies. Statistics show that in 2009, the most recent year for which figures are available, a total of 127 abortions were carried out on babies […]