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Keeping faith with HIV

Religious, secular, governmental and international bodies came together at Lambeth Palace this week to discuss the impact and relevance of faith based responses to HIV and AIDS. In the face of an ongoing financial meltdown in the West, and collapsing economies in many developing nations, […]

HIV Prevention – new PEPFAR Strategy is not as radical as it sounds

In the last eight years, the controversial US President’s Emergency Programme Fund for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has pumped billions of dollars into HIV treatment and prevention programmes that has got millions onto ante-retroviral treatment (ART) programmes, and invested heavily in prevention programmes.  In 2010 alone, […]

HIV: are we ‘dying of ignorance’?

A report published today by the HIV and AIDS in the UK Select Committee of the House of Lords has described the priority given to preventing HIV and AIDS in Britain as “woefully inadequate”.  While nearly three quarters of a billion pounds is spent each […]

Is Treatment Becoming the New Prevention Fad for HIV & AIDS?

Two new studies (one in Kenya and Uganda, the other in Botswana) were published this week suggesting that administering HIV antiretroviral (ARV) drugs to the general population could reduce the risks of HIV transmission by 60-70%. In May we reported on a study that showed […]

A surprisingly upbeat end to the UN high level meeting on AIDS promises renewed global action

UN meetings and political declarations are often perceived as wordy and irrelevant. But every now and again these high level meetings do come up with statements that shape the actions of governments and aid agencies for years to come. The Millennium Summit of 2000 was […]