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Healthcare apps: helpful or harmful?

From finding a carpark to counting our calories, apps now cover virtually every area of our lives, including in healthcare. A 2011 General Medical Council survey showed 30% of doctors use a smartphone for medical apps. This will have increased significantly in the last five […]


At least 67 doctors have clearly broken the abortion law but not one has been prosecuted

The General Medical Council has admitted in a Freedom of Information release that 67 doctors are known to have illegally pre-signed abortion forms and yet not one has been referred to a public hearing by a Fitness to Practise Panel, not one has been referred […]


Abortion and conscientious objection – My letter to the General Medical Council and their reply

On 21 June this year I wrote to Mr Niall Dickson, Chief Executive of the General Medical Council, to point out that in the light of a recent court judgement, their guidance on doctors’ involvement in abortion was now out of step with the law. […]

Assisted suicide guidelines

Outrage over failure to prosecute doctors for sex selection abortions reaches new heights

It has not been an easy two weeks for Keir Starmer (pictured), the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). When it emerged on 4 September that the Crown Prosecution Service, which he heads, would not be bringing charges against two doctors who had been caught authorising […]

Niall Dickson

My letter to the General Medical Council over its guidance to doctors on conscientious objection to abortion

When two Glasgow midwives won the right to opt out of supervising abortions last April I suggested that the General Medical Council (GMC) needed to revise its professional guidance on the matter which now seemed to be at odds with the law. At the time […]