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Why have we become so scared of disability?

When I went to see the midwife at 36 weeks of pregnancy, I did not expect to find myself leaving in the back of an ambulance. My BP was 200/115 and there were 4 pluses of protein in my urine. My non-medical husband was bewildered […]


What is the true cost of ‘wrongful births’?

A tiny article in a free Metro newspaper last week caught my attention: ‘Wrongful birth bill hits £56.1 million. Hospitals have paid out more than £10 million a year in compensation to mothers who had a disabled baby without being offered the chance to have […]


Harry and the Penguins – how each of us can make a difference (and stay warm!)

CMF Board member Jonathan Fisher is our guest blogger for World Disability Day  Recent media coverage of Prince Harry’s polar expedition launch depicted him in Trafalgar Square in the midst a group of smiling wounded service personnel who each had some kind of disability.  We […]

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Disability and discrimination

The Paralympics in London last year demonstrated the extraordinary abilities and determination of sportsmen and women with disabilities. Shortly after, it was pointed out in a letter to the Daily Telegraph that there was a certain irony (hypocrisy?) in London hosting this international event and […]


The ‘Groningen protocol’ for euthanasia of disabled babies in the Netherlands

In an interview this morning on BBC Five Live (at 0705) on the Paul Lamb case (listen here) I was asked by the presenter Nicky Campbell about evidence for a slippery slope following the legalisation of euthanasia in other jurisdictions. In my answer I mentioned the […]