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Euthanasia of woman with advanced dementia in Netherlands sounds loud warning to Britain

A 64-year-old woman suffering severe senile dementia has been euthanised in the Netherlands – even though she was no longer able to express her wish to die. The unnamed woman was a long-term supporter of euthanasia and had made a written statement when she was […]

Cliff Richard and euthanasia – what did he really say and does it matter?

I’ve just done an interview on BBC Radio Humberside off the back of Sir Cliff Richard’s alleged support for euthanasia in this morning’s papers. The headlines do certainly seem to indicate that the 71 year old entertainer wants a change in the law. The Daily Telegraph […]


Scientists make nerve cells directly from human skin bypassing stem cells altogether

Researchers have come up with a recipe for making functional neurons directly from human skin cells, including those taken from patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The new method may offer a critical short cut for generating neurons for replacement therapies of the future, according to research […]