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New GMC Guidance on ‘Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice’ still gives scope for sensitive faith discussions within the consultation

Are doctors allowed to discuss their personal beliefs with patients or enquire about their patients’ beliefs? If so, in what circumstances? The General Medical Council’s long-awaited revised guidance on‘Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice’, published yesterday, attempts to answer these questions. It shows there is still […]


Christians: inherently generous?

New research shows that Christians are more generous than the general population when it comes to donation, but not just of money and time.  Christians, especially evangelicals, are also more generous when it comes to donation of their blood and organs. Previous research has shown […]


Speaking out for truth and justice – a Christian responsibility

Speaking out for truth and justice is just one of many responsibilities we have as Christians. But I suspect it is the one that we most willingly shirk, simply because it can be so costly. Being a Christian is costly in many ways. It is […]


Flesh and Blood – giving more than money

A campaign to mobilise churches to increase the number of blood and organ donors in the UK has been launched this week. The aim is to build on the Christian culture of giving and make blood and organ donation part of this. In other words, […]


Reprimanded by the GMC for sharing faith with a patient – Dr Richard Scott

On 14 June the General Medical Council’s Investigation Committee reprimanded a Christian doctor who shared his faith with a patient at the end of a private consultation. They ruled that his actions ‘did not meet the standards required of a doctor’. Dr Richard Scott (pictured) […]