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The Abortion Industry is alive and well (funded)

  Twenty three years ago, in 1991, half of all abortions were paid for privately ie. they weren’t free. Now, only 2% of abortions are paid for privately.  Even if an abortion is carried out in a private sector clinic, it will almost always be […]


Exposing the lack of accountability by NHS funded abortion providers

A Government consultation on the collection of standard statistics on abortion may seem like a pretty dry and uncontroversial topic. And indeed it mostly is. However there are two important – and more controversial issues – which the collection of these statistics raises. One is […]

Abortion counselling vote: a defeat but not a loss

Just like the heated debate prior to the vote in Parliament this week on counselling before abortion, the public debate after the vote has been dominated by controversies, claims and counter claims.  However, in all of this debate, there has been little coverage of the […]

Make bias history – a call to support moves for independent abortion counselling

Many people assume that women considering abortion have access to independent information and advice. In fact there is no legal guarantee that they do.  Where counselling is available, it is often given by the very same private providers that carry out abortions and gain financially from […]

Marketing tactics used by BPAS and MSI to increase abortion pressure

My attention has just been drawn to a new report by Right to Know (RTK) which reveals the pressure that women come under to proceed with an abortion once they are referred to an outsourced NHS provider. The full report provides new evidence on the […]