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Kevorkian’s life and death is sober warning of the dangers of legalising assisted suicide

Jack Kevorkian, the American pathologist known by many as ‘Dr Death’ for his role in helping over 100 people commit suicide, died early last Friday morning in Detroit. Kevorkian’s lawyer, Mayer Morganroth, told the Detroit Free Press that the infamous euthanasiast appears to have suffered a […]

BBC to show Dignitas death – further bias and will fuel more suicides

The BBC’s decision to screen a man’s dying moments at the Dignitas suicide facility in a documentary fronted by Terry Pratchett has already come under heavy criticism. A five-minute sequence in the BBC2 programme, due to be shown on 13 June, shows celebrity author Pratchett […]

Times newspaper unwisely joins campaign to legalise assisted suicide

The Times newspaper has today (Monday, 30 May) devoted two whole pages and an editorial to the pro-assisted suicide cause just as Dignity in Dying (formerly the Voluntary Euthanasia Society) is launching its latest propaganda barrage on parliament with the mailing of a new booklet to all MPs […]

Emmerdale distorts facts about assisted suicide in apparent attempt to boost ratings

The problem with television dramas is that they make rare events appear common and so distort public opinion on key issues. Take for example the chance of surviving a cardiac arrest. A 1996 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (‘Cardiopulmonary resuscitation on […]