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Newly revealed abortion statistics evidence of eugenic mindset and failed teenage sexual health strategy

Today, as a result of losing a six year long court battle to the ProLife Alliance (see my earlier blog), the Department of Health was finally forced to disclose the abortion statistics that it has been hiding since 2002. The Department had been refusing to […]


BMA still not listening on late abortion

On Tuesday 28 June the British Medical Association annual representative meeting voted against a motion which sought to provide legal protection for babies at the threshold of viability by a two to one majority. The motion, proposed by John O’Driscoll of the Worcestershire division, read as […]


How guilty is the West in the missing millions of girls?

Blogging last week about the impact of sex selective abortion in Asia, I speculated on the cultural and socio-economic factors that were leading families to use ultrasound and other in-utero screening technologies to identify girl children and have them aborted. Little had I (or many […]

BMA rejects move to lower upper abortion limit to 20 weeks for normal babies as six US States bring in laws to support it

In view of the BMA debate today on lowering the upper abortion limit for able-bodied (as opposed to disabled) babies from 24 to 20 weeks (lost by 2 to 1 majority btw) I was interested to see this article yesterday in the New York Times, […]

BMA attempts to skew debate on abortion upper time limit

I was interested to see this week a briefing paper on abortion provided by the British Medical Association in advance of a debate at the BMA annual representative meeting (ARM) this coming Tuesday (28 June). The BMA’s Worcestershire division has proposed a motion (304) that the […]