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Abortion and mental health: is there a link?

This is a question that has been the subject of many a debate in academia, in politics, in the public square and amongst those directly affected by abortion. In an attempt to provide a more definitive answer the Department of Health and the Royal College […]

Highly billed London pro-abortion rally draws small group of ‘usual suspects’

The pro-abortion lobby has been working up to it for months but today’s rally in Old Palace Yard Westminster has broken records only for deep yawns and low attendance. The event was trailed by the Guardian, trumpeted by Abortion Rights, promoted by Liberal Conspiracy, the country’s most popular blog, […]

Independent counselling and balanced information for women contemplating abortion edge ever closer

Abortion ‘providers’, such as BPAS and Marie Stopes, could soon be stripped of their ability to counsel women under plans being considered by the Government.I previously commented on the move by two MPs, Frank Field and Nadine Dorries, to offer women the right to independent counselling for […]

Newly revealed abortion statistics evidence of eugenic mindset and failed teenage sexual health strategy

Today, as a result of losing a six year long court battle to the ProLife Alliance (see my earlier blog), the Department of Health was finally forced to disclose the abortion statistics that it has been hiding since 2002. The Department had been refusing to […]


BMA still not listening on late abortion

On Tuesday 28 June the British Medical Association annual representative meeting voted against a motion which sought to provide legal protection for babies at the threshold of viability by a two to one majority. The motion, proposed by John O’Driscoll of the Worcestershire division, read as […]