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Serious questions raised about status and independence of new Commission on ‘Assisted Dying’

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) last week ran a story about a new Commission on ‘Assisted Dying’ that is due to launch officially on Tuesday 30 November in London. Demos, which is hosting the commission, describes itself on its website as ‘a think-tank focused on […]


17th Century lesson for medical students today

Thomas Sydenham, a man of deep Christian faith who many regard as the father of English medicine, said the following in his advice to medical students in 1668: ‘Whoever applies himself to medicine should seriously weigh the following considerations: First, that he will one day […]

Death of a tea lady - the unforeseen effects of a bad management decision

Death of a tea lady – the unforeseen effects of a bad management decision

When I was a general surgical registrar in Auckland, New Zealand the ‘management era’ was just beginning. Someone, who I expect had never worn greens and didn’t know one end of a retractor from another, was examining the operating theatre budget in some office remote […]


Scottish GPs add their voices to those calling for final burial of Scottish ‘End of Life Assistance Bill’. Read final committee conclusions here.

A GROUP of 47 GPs have united in opposition to moves at the Scottish Parliament to legalise assisted suicide. The Scotsman published the letter on Saturday. On Thursday 25 November the Scottish Parliament will vote on Margo Macdonald’s End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill, which […]


The Committee scrutinizing Margo MacDonald’s Bill have recommended that it be rejected – now it is time for MSPs finally to bury it

I have previously blogged about Margo MacDonald’s End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill which seeks to legalise both assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia and Scotland. I argued that Margo Macdonald has been seriously misleading both the Scottish people and Parliament itself about its likely effects. […]