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New survey reveals widespread ignorance about the level of abortion in Britain

Today, on the 43rd anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Act, Christian Concern has launched a new campaign urging politicians and members of the public to ‘stop and think’ about abortion. The event was marked with a silent vigil outside the Houses of Parliament […]


Jesus’ Nazareth Manifesto as a basis for healthcare mission

Jesus Christ’s dynamic entry into first century Palestine was marked by miraculous healing of many illnesses for which even today there are no known treatments. But along with his compassion to restore health he brought the gospel message of healing of broken relationships – between […]


The new healthcare professionals’ group seeking to legalise assisted suicide includes a number of well known campaigners

A new group of ‘health professionals’ has this week joined the growing number of ‘societies’ and ‘forums’ seeking legal permission for doctors to assist with suicide. ‘Healthcare Professionals for Change’ follows on the heels of Libby Wilson’s FATE (Friends at the End), Michael Iriwin’s SOARS […]


If you want to know about advances in the treatment of spinal cord injury don’t read any British newspaper or ask the BBC

Reading the reports about the new embryonic stem cell trial for spinal cord injury that have been all over the BBC and the British papers today I am struggling to know what all the fuss is about and why in fact it is even news […]


Christine MCafferty hoist on her own petard – full text of amended resolution on right to conscientious objection in lawful medical care

I recently blogged on the Council of Europe’s 7 October decision to throw out a resolution (see original wording) seeking to force health professionals across Europe to be involved in abortion. As a result of the humiliating defeat of pro-abortion activists the resolution actually passed was […]