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Doctors strike back at BMJ editors over assisted suicide stance

BMJ editors Fiona Godlee and Tony Delamothe are long-time supporters of decriminalising assisted suicide and have frequently used their editorial position in Britain’s most widely read medical journal to advance their cause. This week they have written an editorial in support of Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying bill […]


Lord Falconer’s ‘assisted dying’ bill is ‘asking Parliament to sign a blank cheque’ say Peers

In a report published today by think-tank Living and Dying Well three Peers with distinguished legal backgrounds explain in layman’s terms what the law on ‘assisted dying’ says and how it is applied. They also examine a number of claims made by proponents of legalised […]


Mistakes delay medical students’ job allocations

  On Monday 25 February final year medical students were expecting to hear from the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) about their Foundation Year placements. The information was sent out – but on Tuesday, the Medical School’s Council (MSC) alerted the UKFPO that there had […]


CMF National Student Conference 2013 – a review

It’s a special month, February. Valentine’s day; Superbowl; Waitangi day; National Bird-Feeding Month… but of course the main event to note is the CMF National Student Conference! Preceded by the International Medical Students Conference (IMSC) it’s one of the highlights of the CMF year. Delegates […]


Thirst for life – raising alcohol prices to save lives

A study released today by the Center for Addictions Research of British Colombia has found that a 10% increase in minimum per unit pricing of alcohol has led to a 32% drop in alcohol related mortality in two Canadian Provinces.  Furthermore, the increase in price […]