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At least 67 doctors have clearly broken the abortion law but not one has been prosecuted

The General Medical Council has admitted in a Freedom of Information release that 67 doctors are known to have illegally pre-signed abortion forms and yet not one has been referred to a public hearing by a Fitness to Practise Panel, not one has been referred […]

New Down’s syndrome research: saving lives vs saving money

A wonderful video has recently been released to honour those with, or caring for, people with Down’s syndrome. It is only a few minutes long but has a powerful message. 15 young people with Down’s syndrome speak to a mother who is expecting a baby […]

Fertility rites and wrongs: New complications with new ‘families’

  A case concerning twin girls has come before the Court of Appeal that almost defies imagination in its complexity of relationships. If it weren’t a disturbing harbinger of things to come, it could almost be dismissed as a comedy of errors. The story starts […]


Latest NICE guidance on contraception could harm young people

New guidance from NICE recommends that Government provides free morning after pills, condoms (male and female ones) and other contraceptives, all readily accessible to school girls, including those under the age of consent, without parental knowledge. The guidance says that youngsters should be able to […]


Should doctors be involved in abortion decisions?

  ‘Doctor knows best.’ Those who are adamantly ‘pro-choice’ and fighting for abortion to be freely available on request, will disagree with this  aphorism, because for years abortion campaigners have fought to remove the need for a doctor to sign abortion notification forms. In their […]