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Department of Health officials attempt to bring in nurse and home abortion through back door

Doctors will be able to authorise abortions without seeing women and nurses will be authorised to perform abortions and send women home to abort their babies under new draft regulations from the Department of Health. The proposed wide-ranging changes are currently being rushed through in [...]


Irish MP overinflates abortions for fatal fetal disability 300-fold to advance political agenda

The Irish ‘Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act’, signed into law last July, will allow abortions to be carried out where there is a threat to the life of the mother. It does not, however, allow abortion when the life of the baby is at [...]


Abortion and conscientious objection – My letter to the General Medical Council and their reply

On 21 June this year I wrote to Mr Niall Dickson, Chief Executive of the General Medical Council, to point out that in the light of a recent court judgement, their guidance on doctors’ involvement in abortion was now out of step with the law. [...]


What does the Bible actually say about life before birth?

The Bible does not support the view that some human lives are worth less than others. All are made in the image of God and all are equally precious Devaluing or discriminating against any group of human beings is therefore inconsistent with God’s justice. He [...]

Artificial insemination

British government hesitates on three parent embryos as international opposition mounts

The legalisation of three parent embryos for mitochondrial disease in Britain has been facing massive opposition all over the world with so far little response from Westminster. But an answer to a parliamentary question this week gives the first sign that the government may be [...]