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Disability and Abortion

On 2 February Students for Life (SFL) was pleased to welcome Philippa Taylor, head of public policy at Christian Medical Fellowship. Her subject was the relationship between disability and abortion, and due to SFL’s secular views, she spoke only from an ethical/legal perspective. Abortion became […]

International campaign launched asking UN to protect babies with disability from abortion

Disability rights groups have launched a campaign asking The United Nations and other organisations to protect babies with Down syndrome from being aborted. The #StopDiscriminatingDown campaign  is being spearheaded by The Jerome Lejeune Foundation  in France, USA and Spain and Downpride  in the Netherlands and […]

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Legal abortion until term?

UK abortion provider BPAS has launched a campaign to legalise abortion-on-demand, up-to-birth, for any reason. Parliament is considering debating the issue. For more information on this see The following are my own personal reflections: My daughter was born at 27 weeks gestational age. She […]

Claims that GM embryos will help boost IVF success rates are pure spin

Claims by the Times newspaper (and the BBC) that allowing GM embryos will ‘give a massive boost to IVF success rates’ are pure spin aimed at seducing regulators into giving a green light for highly controversial research. Research scientist Dr Kathy Niakan, from the Francis Crick […]


Designing our descendants: Brave New Britain takes the lead again

There will be a number of individuals who will be absolutely delighted to hear that UK scientists are likely to be allowed to genetically engineer human embryos in the lab for the first time, using a powerful and efficient new technology. John Harris and Julian […]