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Why helping a few women will harm many more: the untold cost of creating three parent embryos

It seems ironic that while ten or so women may be helped each year to have embryos free from mitochondrial disease (yes, the numbers are that small as a Government ‘estimate’ admits), many hundreds of other women will be put at real risk of harm […]

Might the large disparity in premature birth rates between black and white women be partly explained by abortion?

Prematurity is associated with a wide variety of health risks. In the UK, 7.8% of babies are born prematurely (60,000 per year) and this number is on the rise. The total cost of preterm birth to NHS is £2.9 billion a year, equivalent to that […]


Three-parent embryos – an orange light doesn’t mean Go!

  Any sub-heading to this blog post could ask a further question: ‘why should we be concerned about this issue anyway? After all, what’s not to like about new techniques that could stop a horrible disease, that seem to be safe (enough), that only involve […]

Why are men more in favour of abortion?

Most people assume that abortion garners more support from women than men. This is probably because being pro-abortion is seen as a pillar of feminism and calls to reduce abortion limits are usually attacked as being, in some way, a ‘war on women’. As one […]


This baby is still you, just the ‘best of you’ – the quest for better babies

In one of the early scenes of the sci-fi film Gattaca, a couple decide they want to ensure their second child has the ‘best’ start in life. So they visit an IVF clinic to select the genetic profile of their baby. When the couple express […]