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New DNA editing technique for mitochondrial disease may render three parent embryos redundant

A new technique for removing harmful genes from strands of DNA could potentially obviate the need for three parent embryos for preventing mitochondrial disease. Researchers from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, have reported success for the first time in using […]

Overwhelming majority ignored in sham NI abortion consultation

Proposed changes to Northern Ireland’s abortion laws have been utterly & overwhelmingly rejected by a massive majority according to newly published consultation figures. Justice Minister Ford’s consultation was launched in October 2014 and closed in January 2015. It asked whether the current laws on abortion […]

New study confirms that making morning-after pill free without prescription increases sexually transmitted infections and fails to reduce pregnancy rates

Half of all pregnancies in the United States are unintended. One might therefore assume that making the morning-after pill (MAP) more widely accessible would cut the unplanned pregnancy rate. Not so. A new recent US study is the first to estimate the impact of making the morning-after […]

Why do Government and fertility organisations show no interest in the health of egg donors?

  The pressure to harvest women’s eggs is not only increasing, it is also taking different directions. No longer just for reproductive purposes, women’s eggs are urgently needed for research and for treatment, most recently for germline therapies (to create three parent babies). However it […]


Lord Carey is putting his faith in the wrong place: ‘three parent’ embryos will not end great suffering

Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey has decided to make public his views on the creation of three parent embryos. Or, more specifically, to make public his views on anyone who has the temerity to oppose their creation. These new, treatments will, he assures us, […]