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Abortion and preterm births: what women need to know but are not told

  Prematurity – a birth prior to 37 weeks gestational age – has recently been described as: ‘the biggest challenge in western obstetrics, with severe neonatal morbidity (and a need for intensive care treatment for infant respiratory distress syndrome, feeding problems, neonatal jaundice and cerebral […]

ellaone pack

Morning-after pill is now available to all girls UNDER the age of consent

News that the morning-after pill, ellaOne (which can be effective up to five days after sex), is now available for use by any woman of reproductive age in Europe, without parental consent, from pharmacies everywhere, is – to put it mildly – ill-advised. To put it […]

Thirteen ‘solutions’ to mitochondrial disease assessed

Mitochondrial disorders are passed on through a mother’s mitochondrial DNA. They are progressive and can be very disabling but are thankfully relatively rare. They can cause stillbirth, death in babies and children, or may onset with severe effects in adulthood, such as blindness or heart […]

More evidence of a possible link between abortion and breast cancer

The authors of a newly published research paper on the genetic regulation of breast cancer formation have made a surprising admission. It is hidden away in an interview the authors gave about their findings, where they state, almost in passing, that: ‘…there is an increased […]

Clegg calls for increase in use of surrogacy in the UK

Speaking to the PinkNews website recently, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg said surrogacy could, and should, be a great help for same-sex couples wanting to start a family: ‘Families come in all different shapes and sizes and there will almost certainly be more and more […]