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New parliamentary inquiry launched to review freedom of conscience in abortion

A new parliamentary inquiry into freedom of conscience over abortion has just been launched. Commissioned by Fiona Bruce MP, it seeks to examine whether the Conscience Clause in the 1967 Abortion Act provides adequate protection for doctors and other healthcare professionals who do not wish […]


Helping women when they need it most

In early May, statistics from a global study on abortion revealed shocking statistics showing that one in four or 25 percent of pregnancies worldwide were aborted. Statistics showed there was a drop in the numbers of women seeking abortions in developed regions such as Europe. […]

three-parent embryos

Good news on three-parent embryos… or maybe not

According to media reports, it is now safe to produce three-parent embryos! We are well on the way to providing new treatments for women who have inheritable mitochondrial disorders! We just need the HFEA to issue the first licence to a clinic and soon healthy […]

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New three-parent embryo research leaves many questions unanswered

A new IVF-based technique ‘is likely to lead to normal pregnancies and reduce the risk that babies born will have mitochondrial disease’, according to researchers at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Disease at Newcastle University. Published on Wednesday 8 June 2016 in the journal […]


Brexit and bioethics

On 23 June 2016, Britons will make the most important political decision of a generation: we will determine whether Britain exits or remains in the European Union (EU). The debate about the pros and cons of ‘Brexit’ and ‘Bremain’ will undoubtedly continue until polling day. […]