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New screening test for Down’s creates more problems than it solves

The UK National Screening Committee (NSC) is recommending a new test for pregnant women that will detect a higher proportion of fetuses with Down Syndrome. The test is non-invasive and makes use of cell free DNA from the fetus (cfDNA) circulating in the mother’s blood. […]

The fragile case for new brittle bone treatment

Researchers are planning to use stem cells extracted from aborted fetuses to try to treat unborn babies with brittle bone disease, osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). This new trial will involve injecting stem cells into a baby diagnosed in the womb as having OI. The stem cells […]

Womb transplants: should we be concerned?

  This week, the Health Research Authority granted ethical approval for a trial of ten uterine transplants, with a view to allowing women without a womb a chance to conceive and carry their own child. This follows on from three successful pregnancies in Sweden over […]

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In five years time (or less), expect to see the UK permit the creation of GM babies

  There has been a flurry of news reports (and here) in favour of a new technology that could edit the genome of human embryos, making changes that would be passed down the generations. More information on the benefits and potential costs of this interesting […]

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The campaign to change surrogacy laws suffers a set-back

According to newspaper reports last week, a one year old boy has been left in limbo, as a ward of court, with no legal father or mother, due to outdated surrogacy laws that deny his genetic father the right to be his legal father. As […]