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Censuring debate and free speech at Oxford University

Not for the first time, a college at a top UK university has completely shut down an attempt to organise a balanced debate on abortion. Are the students running scared of possible credible opposition to their ‘abortion is the answer to everything’ mindset, by closing […]


Millions is paid out by NHS in ‘compensation’ for having healthy babies

A recent response by the Government to a Parliamentary question on so-called ‘wrongful birth’ cases has elicited some startling findings, although perhaps ‘shocking’ may be a more appropriate word. Government figures show that the NHS has paid out more than £95 million since 2003 on […]


The Abortion Industry is alive and well (funded)

  Twenty three years ago, in 1991, half of all abortions were paid for privately ie. they weren’t free. Now, only 2% of abortions are paid for privately.  Even if an abortion is carried out in a private sector clinic, it will almost always be […]


Should the NHS continue to fund IVF treatment?

Recently, the mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) voted to stop offering IVF treatment on the NHS. Now, in that CCG, only patients who can prove that their circumstances are exceptional, for example, if they are undergoing cancer treatment that will make them infertile, may […]


A Chilling Prospect

‘Smart Women Freeze.’ So states the advert for an ‘egg freezing event’ in New York last week, run by EggBanxx . Over champagne, women anxious to beat their biological clocks by preserving their younger, healthier eggs until such a time when they are ready to […]