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Womb transplants: should we be concerned?

This week, the Health Research Authority granted ethical approval for a trial of ten uterine transplants, with a view to allowing women without a womb a chance to conceive and carry their own child. This follows on from three successful pregnancies in Sweden over the […]

16 weeks

In five years time (or less), expect to see the UK permit the creation of GM babies

  There has been a flurry of news reports (and here) in favour of a new technology that could edit the genome of human embryos, making changes that would be passed down the generations. More information on the benefits and potential costs of this interesting […]

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The campaign to change surrogacy laws suffers a set-back

According to newspaper reports last week, a one year old boy has been left in limbo, as a ward of court, with no legal father or mother, due to outdated surrogacy laws that deny his genetic father the right to be his legal father. As […]

Maternal mortality: is there a link with abortion legislation or not?

The question of whether restrictive laws on abortion lead to fewer maternal deaths, or more maternal deaths, is hotly debated. Those who are ‘pro-life’ and want to see more restrictive abortion laws say that fewer abortions leads to fewer maternal deaths, with Northern Ireland providing […]


The wisdom of Solomon is needed in today’s surrogacy cases

  Disturbing stories on surrogacy are hitting the headlines on a regular basis at the moment. Last week we heard about a surrogate mother who changed her mind about handing over the child she carried, to the gay couple who had paid £9,000 ‘expenses’ for […]