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Organ donation – Giving the gift of life

Two CMF members are using the Christmas season to share a special message about God’s love. As Christians get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus, Justin Thacker and Simon Howell are using their experiences to ask others to share Christ’s love and service in […]


How safe is the school cancer vaccination for young girls?

  New reports (including on the front page of the Independent) are adding to the evolving story of inadequate research on a vaccine that almost every teenage girl in the UK will have been given since 2008. News that (apparently) thousands of young girls have […]


Talking about death – the importance of openness about one of life’s certainties

About two thirds of the way into Alexander Payne’s 2011 film The Descendants, Matt King (played by George Clooney) walks calmly into the hospital room of his comatose wife, Elizabeth. He closes the door gently and then proceeds to excoriate her for controlling and messing […]


Abortion and breast cancer: just scaremongering or could there be a link?

A new report by Education for Choice (EfC) on pregnancy counselling states that: ‘linking abortion to breast cancer and ‘post-abortion stress’ is ‘medical misinformation’. It also states that: ‘Cancer Research UK has confirmed that abortion does not increase the chance of developing breast cancer. Despite […]

Caring For Husband

New research finds that dementia can be reduced by 60% for people who live healthily

As Christmas approaches, many of us will be taking some holiday from work. Christmas provides a welcome time and opportunity to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, but also to unwind and spend time with friends and families. Christmas holiday time can provide us with […]