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DPP faces new legal challenge for ‘clarifying’ guidelines on prosecutions for assisted suicide

Perhaps surprisingly, the Sunday Times has been the only broadsheet newspaper to cover a landmark case which challenges the powers of the crown prosecution service. The CPS head Alison Saunders (pictured), Director of public prosecutions (DPP), is already in considerable hot water over her failure […]

Assisted Suicide – In the face of two major threats the price of freedom is eternal vigilance

Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill sought to legalise assisted suicide (but not euthanasia) for mentally competent adults (aged over 18) with less than six months to live, subject to ‘safeguards’ under a two doctors’ signature model similar to the Abortion Act 1967. The Bill had […]

Bruce Forsyth’s recent pronouncements on assisted suicide are seriously misguided

Celebrity entertainer Sir Bruce Forsyth (pictured) has called for the legalisation of assisted suicide after watching his ex-wife succumb to dementia. His first wife, Penny Calvert spent her last years in a care home, dying last year. Bruce was married to Penny from 1953 to […]

Fast tracking of Lord Saatchi’s new medical treatments bill stopped in its tracks

Lord Saatchi has been campaigning for a new law since his wife, novelist Josephine Hart, died from a form of ovarian cancer in 2011. He introduced to the House of Lords a proposed new law, the Medical Innovation Bill, (or the ‘Saatchi Bill’ as it […]

Suicide – oh no, assisted suicide – oh yes!

On 19 January, Nick Clegg called for a ‘zero suicides’ target among people suffering from mental illnesses.  Almost 4,700 people committed suicide in UK in 2013, at least 90% of whom were thought to be struggling with mental health issues, particularly depressive or substance abuse […]