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Don’t make Oregon’s mistake and legalise assisted suicide – ten reasons why the UK should not follow suit

Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill, due for a second reading in the House of Lords on 18 July, is purportedly based on the US state of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act (DWDA). Dignity in Dying, the former Voluntary Euthanasia Society, who are backing Falconer, claim that everything is […]

Public support for Falconer’s ‘Assisted Dying’ Bill drops dramatically to just 43% when arguments against are heard

There is ample poll data showing that the majority of the British public support legalising assisted suicide (AS) in principle. The former Voluntary Euthanasia Society (now rebranded Dignity in Dying) claims a figure of 80% although I have previously argued that such levels of support are […]


Falconer bill is a recipe for the abuse of elderly and disabled people, says Care Not Killing

On the eve of the House of Lords’ debate on Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill, Care Not Killing, an alliance of 40 organisations, has called on peers to reject the proposed legislation on grounds of public safety. Campaign Director Dr Peter Saunders said, ‘This bill […]

Why Lord Carey is so desperately wrong about legalising assisted suicide

Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, has surprisingly come out today in favour of Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill which is due to have its second reading in the House of Lords on Friday 18 July. Falconer advocates licensing doctors to dispense lethal drugs to mentally competent adults with […]

Oregon – steady annual increase in assisted suicide cases sounds warning to UK

Lord Falconer wants to legalise assisted suicide for adults who are mentally competent and have less than six months to live based on the ‘Oregon model’. Since assisted suicide was legalised in Oregon there has been a steady annual increase in the number of prescriptions […]