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Welcome to the Christian Medical Fellowship blogs. Here you will find comment on a wide range of topical issues at the interface of Christianity and medicine. Although all blog posts are reviewed by an editorial team, our blog authors all write in a personal capacity and the views expressed are not necessarily those of CMF. We encourage interaction and debate so please feel free to contribute to the discussion.

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Off Target? Do we have faith in the Sustainable Development Goals?

I remember sitting in a small room at Trinity Western University, British Columbia on a hot day in July 2003, hearing about an exciting, new, joint initiative of the World Evangelical Alliance and the Micah Network for Integral Mission. Called ‘The Micah Challenge’, its aim was […]

Disabled people assemble mass lobby to urge MPs to reject assisted suicide bill

Disabled people descended on Westminster today in droves to lobby MPs on Rob Marris’s Assisted Dying (no 2) Bill. Marris wants to give adults who are terminally ill and mentally competent the ‘right’ to have assistance to kill themselves using lethal drugs on the say-so […]


Excluding the spiritual from patient care: what is the NMC up to?

In some ways, it speaks of the nature of our times that we have created a special category of care and labelled it ‘spiritual’.  In truth, all nursing and medical care has recognised that spiritual needs exist and need to be paid attention to as part of the proper […]

Experts in care of the elderly speak out strongly against assisted suicide

The leading organisation representing health professionals caring for the elderly in Britain has this last week spoken out strongly against the legalisation of assisted suicide. The British Geriatrics Society is the professional body of specialists in the health care of older people in the United Kingdom. […]

Christians must speak out about the Marris Bill on assisted suicide

Labour MP Rob Marris wants to legalise assisted suicide in England and Wales. His Assisted Dying (No 2) Bill would allowmentally competent adults (>18) judged to have less than six months to live to receive help to kill themselves once given approval by two doctors […]