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Welcome to the Christian Medical Fellowship blogs. Here you will find comment on a wide range of topical issues at the interface of Christianity and medicine. Although all blog posts are reviewed by an editorial team, our blog authors all write in a personal capacity and the views expressed are not necessarily those of CMF. We encourage interaction and debate so please feel free to contribute to the discussion.

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The BMA: A trade union with integrity?

Can the British Medical Association (BMA) be trusted to ‘maintain the honour and interests of the medical profession?’ Or is the BMA another big organisation without full accountability, making recommendations ostensibly on behalf of its members whilst failing to operate democratically? The BMA published its […]


Abortion and preterm births: what women need to know but are not told

  Prematurity – a birth prior to 37 weeks gestational age – has recently been described as: ‘the biggest challenge in western obstetrics, with severe neonatal morbidity (and a need for intensive care treatment for infant respiratory distress syndrome, feeding problems, neonatal jaundice and cerebral […]

Candour in the NHS: Speaking the truth in love?

We would all want a good degree of honesty from anyone caring for us or treating us for a medical condition.  Trust is one of the essential components of a good nurse/patient or doctor/patient relationship. One of the issues Robert Francis exposed in his reports […]

Nurses caught up in immigration battle

The annual congress of the Royal College of Nursing opened on Sunday, and it began with a warning.  New UK government immigration rules, that requires that people gaining a work visa to the UK will need to be earning in excess of £35,000 after five […]

ellaone pack

Morning-after pill is now available to all girls UNDER the age of consent

News that the morning-after pill, ellaOne (which can be effective up to five days after sex), is now available for use by any woman of reproductive age in Europe, without parental consent, from pharmacies everywhere, is – to put it mildly – ill-advised. To put it […]