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Welcome to the Christian Medical Fellowship blogs. Here you will find comment on a wide range of topical issues at the interface of Christianity and medicine. Although all blog posts are reviewed by an editorial team, our blog authors all write in a personal capacity and the views expressed are not necessarily those of CMF. We encourage interaction and debate so please feel free to contribute to the discussion.

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Weathering the Ebola storm

As of 10 June, for the first time in two and a half years, all three West African nations have been declared Ebola free and have remained that way for longer than 24 hours. As the two-year anniversary of my initial time in Liberia approaches, I […]

New parliamentary inquiry launched to review freedom of conscience in abortion

A new parliamentary inquiry into freedom of conscience over abortion has just been launched. Commissioned by Fiona Bruce MP, it seeks to examine whether the Conscience Clause in the 1967 Abortion Act provides adequate protection for doctors and other healthcare professionals who do not wish […]

BMA rejects attempt to push it neutral on assisted suicide by 2 to 1 majority

Yesterday the Annual Representative Meeting (ARM) of the British Medical Association (BMA) in Belfast voted against going neutral on assisted suicide by a two to one majority (see detail here). Delegates rejected motion 80, ‘that this meeting believes that the BMA should adopt a neutral stance on […]

The BMA should reject this latest attempt to push it neutral on assisted suicide and euthanasia

On 21 June, the Annual Representative Meeting (ARM) of the British Medical Association (BMA) will consider two motions on assisted suicide. The BMA is the UK’s professional association and registered trade union for doctors and currently has 170,000 members. It has been opposed to the legalisation of assisted suicide and euthanasia […]

Healthcare apps: helpful or harmful?

From finding a carpark to counting our calories, apps now cover virtually every area of our lives, including in healthcare. A 2011 General Medical Council survey showed 30% of doctors use a smartphone for medical apps. This will have increased significantly in the last five […]