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Welcome to the Christian Medical Fellowship blogs. Here you will find comment on a wide range of topical issues at the interface of Christianity and medicine. Although all blog posts are reviewed by an editorial team, our blog authors all write in a personal capacity and the views expressed are not necessarily those of CMF. We encourage interaction and debate so please feel free to contribute to the discussion.

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Time is not money: learning to value relationships

Life as a missionary doctor certainly has its unique challenges, and one of those is trying to fit into and understand different cultures. Today, I find myself in the strange situation of knowing where I will be every day during June and July, while I […]

Fast tracking of Lord Saatchi’s new medical treatments bill stopped in its tracks

Lord Saatchi has been campaigning for a new law since his wife, novelist Josephine Hart, died from a form of ovarian cancer in 2011. He introduced to the House of Lords a proposed new law, the Medical Innovation Bill, (or the ‘Saatchi Bill’ as it […]


Lord Carey is putting his faith in the wrong place: ‘three parent’ embryos will not end great suffering

Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey has decided to make public his views on the creation of three parent embryos. Or, more specifically, to make public his views on anyone who has the temerity to oppose their creation. These new, treatments will, he assures us, […]

Suicide – oh no, assisted suicide – oh yes!

On 19 January, Nick Clegg called for a ‘zero suicides’ target among people suffering from mental illnesses.  Almost 4,700 people committed suicide in UK in 2013, at least 90% of whom were thought to be struggling with mental health issues, particularly depressive or substance abuse […]

Egg donation for research: an urgent call for volunteers!

Tucked away in all the media coverage of the three parent embryo debate, and on the same day of the vote in Parliament, was a news article from a local North-East paper, the ChronicleLive with an urgent request: ‘Egg donors needed to help with pioneering […]