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Welcome to the Christian Medical Fellowship blogs. Here you will find comment on a wide range of topical issues at the interface of Christianity and medicine. Although all blog posts are reviewed by an editorial team, our blog authors all write in a personal capacity and the views expressed are not necessarily those of CMF. We encourage interaction and debate so please feel free to contribute to the discussion.

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Social care crisis deepens

Today’s report from the IPPR think tank paints a worrying picture for British society. In the next three years, the report estimates, the number of elderly people needing to be cared for at home will exceed the number of adult children or other relatives able [...]


UK Ministers try to silence two million critics of destructive embryo research

The UK Government, along with a number of organisations and research institutions involved in funding or carrying out destructive embryo research in the UK, have not just been taken by surprise but flat footed by the outcome of a new EU citizens’ initiative. The UK [...]


At least 67 doctors have clearly broken the abortion law but not one has been prosecuted

The General Medical Council has admitted in a Freedom of Information release that 67 doctors are known to have illegally pre-signed abortion forms and yet not one has been referred to a public hearing by a Fitness to Practise Panel, not one has been referred [...]

When secularists start running leper colonies we should take their attack on Cameron seriously

An assortment of ‘liberal’ journalists, scientists and celebrities have today accused David Cameron of risking causing ‘alienation’ in society by saying Britain is a ‘Christian country’. The 50 signatories to a letter to the Daily Telegraph say that Britain is largely a ‘non-religious society’ and [...]

When ideology drives science

Intellectual dishonesty in the ‘abortion/breast cancer’ and ‘change therapy’ debates In July 1949, the New England Journal of Medicine printed an article by Dr Leo Alexander titled ‘Medical Science under Dictatorship’. In it, he explains what happens to science when it ‘becomes subordinated to the [...]